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U.S. Army and U.S. Army National Guard Veteran

Moss Rehab Institute for Brain Health

Eric Seibert was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. He experienced multiple TBIs from IED blast exposure, continued machine gun use and martial arts accidents. His most significant TBI was a result of a box jump accident while working out. His symptoms, including short term memory loss, trouble sleeping, severe headaches, frustration, pain, and poor concentration, led him to seek treatment at MRIBH.

Eric participated in MRIBH’s first IOP, and gladly accepted all of the clinicians’ challenges. The team collaborated with him to achieve his goals, and by the end of the 3-week program, Eric noted a marked improvement with headaches, and weaned himself from daily Tylenol. He was also sleeping better. Janine Brodovsky, MRIBH Physical Therapist, worked with Eric to improve his flexibility, strength, and pain, which enhanced his practice as a yoga instructor. He fully embraced the strategies he learned, and at the end of the program, the clinical team noticed his increased ability to concentrate.

After working with Allison Hendrix, MRIBH Occupational Therapist for bilateral upper extremity strength and coordination, even his handwriting improved! Eric commented “Before coming to the MRIBH program, other doctors I had seen had encouraged me that I was I better or improved from my concussion. But even with their assurance, I still realized there were a lot of things that had become untethered or tangled. After I went to MRIBH, I experienced such amazing care for my condition…I had been given new tools to navigate life similar to how I did prior to my injury. I also realized that programs like this don’t fix you, instead, they help by providing a deeper understanding of all the complexities that come along with brain injuries. What may have been easy prior to my TBI now took effort and commitment to be able to function successfully, and it also made me aware that life might never be normal again, but it can still be lived well.”

MRIBH patient Eric commented: “I had been given new tools to navigate life similar to how I did prior to my injury.”

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