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Kelley Letellier

Program Director

Kelley currently serves as the Program Director at the Avalon Action Alliance, a role where she spearheads initiatives critical to the organization's success.  Her responsibilities include cross-site project management, coordination of data collection, analytics, and reporting, as well as implementing standardization and structuring processes to optimize efficiency and streamline operations.


Before assuming her current role, Kelley served as the Executive Director of Operations at one of Avalon Action Alliance's sites for two impactful years, showcasing her ability to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare administration.  Her 20-year clinical and managerial background in Rehab Services at UF Health Jacksonville, where she practiced as a Physical Therapist and enjoyed a progressive path in leadership, further enriches her skill set. 


Kelley holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine and Arcadia University, respectively.  Throughout her career, she has seized many opportunities to participate in formal leadership and project management training.


Kelley's dedication to the Avalon Action Alliance goes beyond professional aspirations. She harbors an intense appreciation for the organization's mission, and this passion is deeply rooted in her personal history. Proudly, she hails from a family with a strong military tradition, with two brothers who served in the military and a grandfather who received a Purple Heart. This familial connection underscores Kelley's commitment to the values and goals of the Avalon Action Alliance, making her an invaluable asset to the organization. Her strategic mindset, coupled with a genuine understanding of the Alliance's mission, positions Kelley as a dynamic leader poised to drive positive change and impact within the organization.


Kelley is a Maine native, who currently resides in Jacksonville FL with her spouse, two cats and four chickens.

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