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Avalon Labrynith


Winning the Battle Within

 Since 2001, about 1 of every 3 veterans have returned home from war with invisible wounds: symptoms of PTSD and traumatic brain injury. And right now, 20 U.S. veterans die by suicide every day. 
Many veterans serve in the first responder and public safety fields which battle a parallel epidemic of personal and professional struggle.

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What is Avalon?

Avalon Action Alliance is the post-trauma wellness non-profit helping veterans, first responders and their families gain control over issues related to mental wellness and brain health.


We’re the one collaborative resource providing veterans and first responders services at no cost for the three interrelated post-trauma impacts: depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and substance abuse.

The symptoms and signs of these invisible wounds are interrelated and difficult to diagnose. Avalon provides a single point of contact and integrative assessment for the symptoms of TBI and PTSD to point visitors to the most effective, innovative clinical and non-clinical pathways they need.


Our Integrative Approach



Accurate assessment with clear navigation to proven solutions 


Military-relevant settings and peer support 


Opportunities to regain control of your wellbeing and sense of purpose for life

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Substance Addiction and Dependency

Inpatient & outpatient treatment for chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring psychological disorders, evidence-based and alternative treatments. highly individualized care that heals the body, mind, and spirit

Traumatic Brain Injury & Related Psychological Symptoms

Clinical care & Research Institute, Traditional & Innovative assessment and treatment methods, Intensive Outpatient Program

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Posttraumatic Stress & Depression

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Programs based on the science of Posttraumatic Growth, Non-clinical training with both permanent and mobile teams, long-term peer networks for sustained support 

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It’s an urgent tragedy that so many of our nation’s defenders are battling invisible wounds without proper care. We’re driving hard to bring them transformational treatments and training befitting their service, strength and lifelong potential.


Scaling Our
National Growth

For three years, we have proven results by aligning the groundbreaking work of the Marcus Institute for Brain Health and the Boulder Crest Foundation for Posttraumatic Growth programs, a scientific framework that explains the positive transformation that can occur following trauma.
Blending leading scientific advances, age-old techniques, and data-driven programming, Avalon’s results are driving innovation we expect to become the standard of care for our nation’s military and first responder communities.

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Philanthropist Bernie Marcus founded Avalon and was joined by fellow The Home Depot founder, Arthur M. Blank, to jointly seed this national effort. Gary Sinise Foundation and an impressive group of other generous donors including the Goldring Foundation, the Manat Family Foundation, Lockheed Martin, Veterans United Foundation, Anthony Pratt, Jim Irsay,  and USAA joins these renowned entrepreneurs.

As of October 2022, Avalon, which has been delivering programing since 2019, evolved into the Avalon Action Alliance, a stand-alone non-profit entity with CEO Joe Brennan at the helm.

Given initial fundraising of over $66 million and heightened issue urgency, our vision has grown to serving on a fully national scale. We invite donors to join us. 

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“Avalon” reflects the healing properties of the mythical island of Avalon and our mission of post-trauma wellness. We pair this healing mindset with “Action Alliance” to indicate our work combatting invisible wounds on systemic and personal levels, and the deeply human connection required on both fronts.

Our logo, “Invisible Storm”, embodies a warrior’s strength and determination to face their mental wellbeing with an optimistic forward view. The human brain is a complex yet solvable puzzle and the star in the center represents the healing destination on a journey that requires courage and perseverance. It honors the brain’s energy, the mind’s ultimate power, and the often-winding journey to a successful solution.



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Warrior PATHH created the environment and provided the practices necessary to let go of the pain I have held for 29 years.

P.M., former US Air Force

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MIBH brings a positive and motivating process where the Veteran can understand themselves wholly without judgement from others.

P.J., former US Army

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My life has changed. I have new coping mechanisms to help with my past trauma and physical pain. I feel so much better.

G.A, former US Marine Corps

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