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Retired Law Enforcement
Boulder Crest Warrior PATHH

I am Dustin Hill, retired police officer K9, DRE, narcotics agent, and rescue recovery diver. I was able to serve 20 years. When I came to the Warrior PATHH, I was at my lowest. I was contemplating suicide and had a plan. I tried counseling, one-on-one therapy, and meds. On the outside, I hid it very well, but my wife and daughter knew I was withdrawn and my attitude about my gifts was terrible. I was angry, hurt, abandoned, and forgotten. I was at my heaviest weight and was emotionally absent from my family.

The day before I arrived at Boulder Crest, I started a fight with my family so I would have an excuse not to go. Thankfully, they (my family) saw through that. I boarded the flight and began my journey home. Not knowing what awaited me, I was greeted by a fantastic staff and a beautiful facility. I had no idea what a ride I would be embarking on. I can tell you I have never met a more sincere, genuine group of guides in my life. They said by the end of the week, I would feel lighter. They did not disappoint. 

For the first time in more than 20 years, my current self is struggling well, correctly, and with intent. I am working on the myPATHH app and the program and making leaps and bounds in my new life. I am struggling well and loved and content. I am sleeping. I am present where my feet are. I am well. 

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