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If you have additional questions or would like to speak with an Avalon team member, please contact us 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Avalon Action Alliance is the post-trauma wellness nonprofit helping veterans, first

    responders, and their families gain control over issues related to brain health and

    mental wellness. Avalon provides a single point of contact and one integrative

    assessment for the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS), mild traumatic

    brain injury (TBI) and substance abuse (SA) to identify and guide clients to the most effective

    clinical or non-clinical pathway towards healing.

  • Through our comprehensive approach encompassing both clinical and non-clinical treatments, we are forging a seamless, personalized, and transformative path towards proven results. Avalon is a collaborative resource providing effective care for the three interrelated post-trauma impacts that veterans, first responders and their families endure: PTS, TBI, and substance abuse. There are no out-of pocket expenses for care.

  • Avalon and its partner programs make every effort to provide care at no out-of-pocket

    expenses to clients.

  • PTS
    We have partnered with Boulder Crest Foundation to implement their Warrior PATHH programs based on the science of Post-traumatic Growth through non-clinical training delivered by highly qualified peer guides.

    Locations include: Permission to Start Dreaming - Gig Harbor, WA Eagle Oak Retreat - Italy, TX Sheep Dog Impact Assistance - Rogers, AR GratitudeAmerica, Inc. - Macclenny, FL Camp Southern Ground - Fayetteville, GA Big Red Barn Retreat - Blythewood, SC Travis Mills Foundation - Rome, ME Boulder Crest VA - Bluemont, VA Boulder Crest AZ - Sonoita, AZ

    We partner with seven (7) TBI Centers from around the country to provide integrated and interdisciplinary care with innovative assessments and treatments in an intensive outpatient setting.

    Locations include: Marcus Institute for Brain Health – Aurora, CO Medical College of Wisconsin BRAVE Program – Milwaukee, WI MossRehab Institute for Brain Health – Jefferson Health – Philadelphia, PA Shepherd Center SHARE Military Initiative – Atlanta, GA Tulane University Center for Brain Health – New Orleans, LA UF Health Jacksonville Leon L. Haley Jr., M.D., Brain Wellness Program – Jacksonville, FL UNC Chapel Hill THRIVE Program – Chapel Hill, NC

    Substance Abuse
    Our substance abuse treatment partner, Warriors Heart, provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment for dependency, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring psychological disorders.

  • Warrior PATHH
    Available to veterans and first responders. No clinical diagnosis is required to attend.

    TBI Centers

    All veterans regardless of discharge status and first responders who have:
    ● Diagnosed (or undiagnosed with symptoms) of mild to moderate brain injury
    ● May also have co-occurring diagnosis of mental health concerns (but not experiencing a mental health crisis)

  • Warrior PATHH
    A 90-day program that begins with a 7-day structured stay. Graduates have access to a lifetime of support, community, training, and accountability.

    TBI Centers
    Program length of our TBI treatment can vary depending on meeting the unique needs of the client and which TBI Clinic clients attend. Our average TBI treatment protocol can range from three (3) weeks to 14 weeks.

    Warriors Heart
    Our partners create individual program plans for each client, creating varying levels of commitment. * Every program includes a long-term support plan ranging from telephonic phone calls to home visits from our transition specialists.

  • The Avalon Action Alliance and our network providers will provide clients with any

    approvals needed by their place of employment. In some cases, flexible treatment

    options, such as a modified schedule or telehealth, may be available to work around

    employment or school schedules.

  • Location of veterans and first responders is not a barrier for treatment. We are a

    national network and will arrange travel to the facility best-suited for the client.

  • You are still eligible to be considered for treatment.

    Unlike physical wounds, the symptoms and signs of PTS, TBI and substance abuse,

    often referred to as “invisible wounds,” are interrelated and difficult to diagnose.

    Avalon provides thorough assessments and a clear approach to healing.

  • Avalon Action Alliance exists to provide clients with the support needed to heal. If you have been diagnosed with more than one trauma, our intake teams work with our

    clients to develop the best customized treatment plan for you that puts you on a

    journey to wellness.

  • Yes. If you are still experiencing challenges due to PTS, TBI, and /or substance abuse,

    Avalon Action Alliance is here to help you gain control over issues related to mental

    wellness and brain health.

  • Our goal is to help transform the lives of as many veterans and first responders afflicted

    by symptoms of TBI and PTS as possible. For our TBI Centers, we currently serve

    veterans and first responders who have persistent concussion symptoms resulting from

    a suspected or diagnosed injury to the brain. For Warrior PATHH, there is no diagnosis


  • No, participation in any program with Avalon Action Alliance will remain confidential.

  • Warrior PATHH
    Caregivers are not participants in the program.

    TBI Centers

    Caregivers and family members are an important piece of the healing process and their participation is determined on a case by case basis.

    Warriors Heart
    Caregivers are not participants in the program.

  • Warrior PATHH
    Service dogs are determined on a case by case basis.

    TBI Centers
    Yes, service dogs are allowed throughout a client's course of treatment.

    Warriors Heart
    No, we do not accept outside dogs.

  • Any veteran or first responder interested in applying for one of our programs
    can apply here.

  • Warrior PATHH
    On average, it takes approximately 120 days from application to the start date of your program.

    TBI Centers
    On average, it takes approximately 90 days from application to the start date of your program.

    Warriors Heart
    On average, it takes approximately 14 days from application to the start date of your program.

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