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Major-Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Officer Tulane Center For Brain Health

Today I am grateful for the opportunity I have had at Tulane….for me to experience what is it like for someone to pour into me, someone to hear me, and see me and offer help for me.  Address things that, although I could feel them changing, I could not explain. I knew they were changing and knew that I did not want them to change.  I am so thankful that everything was in the right order, and I went through this experience with the person I went through this with.  He was the perfect yin energy to my yang energy. 

I am absolutely deserving of the experience that I went through. The person I know myself to be deep down inside has been hiding and ducking away…inside of a shell that was built to protect my emotions, my feelings, to protect all the different pains I was feeling and experiencing.

I am so thankful to have people outside of myself to convince me to do this.  I am thankful to have these people in my life and glad I have fostered the relationships I have, the ones that were able to experience me on my best days to know when my bad days were there.  I am so grateful for this.  I am grateful I said no to other things to say yes to this.  I am glad that in a moment of darkness, there was a little bit of light that allowed me to show up for myself.  In this moment I am grateful that my little pupper came along on this journey to support me. 

Here’s to the start of a new book. Today, I want to officially close the door on the chapter that was, the pain, the hurt.  I want to move forward in this new book of mine.  Every NEW beginning comes from some other beginning end, but it is closing time.  Time for me to go out into the world with the roots and support system that is supposed to be there.  Thank you…thank you…thank you!

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