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U.S. Army Veteran
UNC Thrive Program

After nearly 40 years of military service and contract work, Randy found himself sitting in his recliner, thinking another 20 years of feeling disconnected and lost was not appealing.


It was his daughter who helped him see that things could be different. As a veteran herself, she was struggling with invisible wounds and decided to do something about it. A few months earlier, she graduated from the UNC Thrive program, and he saw the change.


It was his turn to go. In Randy’s own words: For the first time in a long time, I found a group of people who truly cared about me getting better. The tests the team at THRIVE recommended revealed much physical damage that had gone undiagnosed, and the pain reduction exercises they put me through provided immediate relief. They also forced me to acknowledge the mental wounds I’d tamped down to retain my military clearance and to survive the last few years leading up to my retirement.


I uncovered that I wasn't suicidal in the sense of a conclusive end, but when I was honest with myself, I realized I spent too much time trying to get killed.


At THRIVE, I found a team of people who cared about me. They don’t pass out pills, they taught me the tools I needed to look deep, deal with my issues, and continue to put the work in on my own. This program is long-lasting, real healing.


There wasn’t a day during my time with the THRIVE team that I didn’t feel welcome. My healing was their number one priority. It literally saved my life, and it may save yours.

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